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Historical Sketch

Islamic University of North Sumatra, abbreviated as UISU was established on January 7, 1951, the first university standing outside Java, pioneered by  Muslim youths:  Bahrum Djamil, Adnan Benawi, Sariani AS, Rivai Abdul Manaf Nasution, and Sabaruddin Ahmad.

UISU initially opened a preparation class of Indonesian Islamic Academy (equivalent to class III of Senior High School, part A) and then with the support of Mr. Abd. Hakim (The governor of North Sumatra at the time) and Mr. K.H. A. Wahid Hasyim (the Minister of Religious Affairs) the Indonesian Islamic Academy  was transformed into Islamic University of Indonesia and the inauguration of the first lecture was  on January 7, 1952 at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. Subsequently, January 7, 1952, in line with 9 Rabiul Awal 1371 Hijriah, was nominated as  the anniversary of Islamic University of Indonesia, which then converted to Islamic University of North Sumatra obtaining the approval from the Minister of Education and Culture of RI No. 0677 / U / 1977 dated December 31, 1977.

By the strong struggle, spirit and persistence of all UISU academicians and support from the government, ulama and society, UISU at the present time manages 9 Faculties with 29 Graduate Study Programs (four-year-course), and 5 Master Programs.

The 9 Faculties managed are:

1. Faculty Law

2. Faculty of Islamic Religion

3. Faculty of Economics

4. Faculty of Literature

5. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

6. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

7. Faculty of Agriculture

8. Faculty of Medicine, and

9. Faculty of Enginering.

The 5 Master Programs managed are:

1. Master in Management

2. Master in English Literature, and

3. Master in Law.

4. Master in Agribusiness

5. Master in Agrotechnology

UISU Vision and Mission

Vision (Wijhah)

UISU becomes an Islamic university, reliable, well-tested and dignified, loved by people and blessed by  Allah SWT.

Mission (Khiththah):

  1. Implementing learning and teaching, research, community service and Islamic da’wah
  2. Inaugurating a nationalistic, qualified, faithful and devoted Islamic scholar, having noble character, knowledge and good deeds, and  participating in the development of Muslim people, religion, nation and Republic of Indonesia for the benefit and prosperity of mankind.